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magenta teal yellow abstract painting


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Toddler painting

We work with decoration enthusiasts (most of you are moms!) who are crazy about adding splashes of color to their walls in a unique way. The only problem is you have a tight budget and expensive taste. Jess and Winnie Make Art makes having one-of-a-kind, modern watercolor pieces for your home extremely easy and affordable, so that you can brighten your life and your walls in no time.

We offer $9 digital prints, $74 originals and $112 commissions. Scroll down to learn more about any of these fantastically priced products. 

Jessica has a degree in Painting and Fine Arts. Winnie, her two year old daughter, is the light of her life, super cute business partner and budding artist.

Jess and Winnie Make Art was born around the same time as The Artist Market Co. as a way to help teach emerging artists learn to sell their art in an authentic, engaging way.

Send Winnie to college! 100% of the proceeds from this site go to her school fund. 

Prints – $9

Click an image below to get the nitty gritty or make a purchase. 

You are buying a high-resolution image ready for printing that includes instructions on recommended ways to do so. Multiple prints are allowed for personal use & for members of your household only.

If you are interested in using the image for commercial purposes, please contact me for licensing information.

(Available print images will be cycled through occasionally to make room for new prints.)

Originals – $74

Since we live in the boondocks (an hour and a half to go to the post office and back!!), originals will only be made available four times each year on the following dates:

March 1st, June 1st, September 1st & December 1st

They are available for purchase only if you sign up to be notified below.

The sale will be open for 48 hours and everything is first come, first served.​

magenta teal yellow abstract painting


Please send me the link to the next sale, available only to subscribers.



Commissions – $112


When you commission a custom piece for your home or workspace, ​we will ask you to submit an image with the color palette you would like to be used. The image can be a photo of your room, a pattern you like, another piece of art or even an ad. You may choose between 8.5x11, 11x14 or 12x18 watercolor paper. 

Three original pieces will be ​created just for you - you pick your favorite and we will send it to you within three weeks. 

Commissions may also be purchased as a gift. Gift certificates can be printed here, or they can be mailed to the lucky recipient on request.